About Us

"In the duty of guiding a child in using Montessori material, a teacher must make a distinction between two different periods. In the first, the child is placed in contact with the material and initiates its use. In the second, the teacher intervenes to enlighten a child who has already succeeded in distinguishing differences through their own spontaneous efforts. It is then that the teacher can determine the ideas acquired by a child, if this is necessary, and provide them with words to describe the differences they have perceived."
Dr. Maria Montessori, 'The Discovery of the Child', Clio Press Ltd, 153

Our Philosophy ​

A Montessori school is designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years between two to five years old when they absorb formative information from the world around them. A child who acquires essential reading and arithmetic skills naturally has the advantage of beginning their education without drudgery, boredom and discouragement. It is very important for us to continually offer this type of environment for our students.

We also believe that communication is essential for the child’s mental and physical health; for that reason, we take time for conversation, feedback, and sharing. We aim to provide opportunities for our children to recognize their emotions and express them effectively. Active listening on the part of the educator is invaluable; this will not only show our students that their words are important but also inform our planning. Our children should know that there is a place for their ideas and thoughts within the classroom and that we are listening to their interests because they are important to us.

Intuitive, artistic subjects such as art, music, and movement must be nurtured alongside math and science to unite the intellectual with the intuitive. We do so through storytelling, reading, art, visualization, language, speech pronunciation, music, drama and “learning through play”; and we guide the child from concrete to abstract math, science, geography and botany.

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